ICT Solutions

Servers and Storages

With a steep increase in technology adoption, our business requires storage solutions such as cloud, flash and hybrid clusters, enterprise storage as they have become a crucial part of the industry. As many businesses are leaping ahead to embrace the modern high-tech environments, they are seeking a platform that can handle the concurrently developing amount of data. That is where Felix Infotech comes into play.

Our Technology Partners – HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, EMC, NetApp, Huawei, QNAP

Mobility - Smartphones, Notebooks, and iPads

In this digital world, use of smartphones, notebooks, tablets, iPads and other devices have become mandatory, making it a necessary resource for every communication and work. We deliver this service to make the business stay connected and provide necessary inputs to flourish.

Our Technology Partners – Apple, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, Acer

Workstation, Desktop, and Thin Client

Workstation, Desktop, Thin Client are a necessity for every business. But not all organization can afford to buy. So, we help the business by providing them with their requirements and needs.

Our Technology Partners – HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Boston, Fujitsu, N Computing

Printers and Scanners

Printers and scanners are required to take a hardcopy of documents and scan them. These help them to store their documents either as hardcopy or digital.

Our Technology Partners – HP, Kodak, Canon, Xerox, Brother, Epson, TVSE, Honeywell

Power Backup Solutions (UPS)

A power backup source will surely help you to continue with the production. So having a power backup solution helps you to keep the production running.

Our Technology Partners – APC, Emerson, Numeric, BPE, Socomec

Local Area Networks (LAN) – Active and passive

A LAN connection keeps you connected within the organization. Having the best connectivity in the organization is achieved by using latest technology and devices.

Our Technology Partners – Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, HP, Digilink, D-Link, AMP, TYCO, Molex, Velrack, Netrack, APW, Rittal, BPE

High-Quality Collaboration Conferencing and Board room Solutions

Setting up a meeting for an organization is always a hassle job and finding the right conference and boardroom is a hectic task. We make it easy for you by providing the best conference and boardroom solutions that suits your need.

  • Real-time collaboration - audio, video and digital whiteboard solutions
  • Classrooms, studios, board-rooms and video wall solutions
  • Google, Poly-Cam and Cisco video conferencing solutions
  • Digital signage solutions and Projectors

Our Technology Partners – Cisco, Poly-Cam, Peoplelink, Samsung, Sony, LG, Epson

Managed Printing Solutions - Pay Per Page - Zero Capex Solutions

All you printing needs like banner, posters, flyers and many more are done by us using high quality machine and products with premium-grade materials.

Our Technology Partners – HP, Felix InfoTech

Wireless Networks

A network connection keeps the workflow in a stable state as everything requires internet. Having the best connectivity in the organization is achieved by using latest technology and devices.

Our Technology Partners – Aruba, Ruckus, D-Link, Airtight, Cisco, Huawei

CCTV Solutions

Safeguard your office and organization premises with our most reliable CCTV solutions.

Our Technology Partners – NUUO, Panasonic, Hikvision, CP Plus

Rental Solutions

We provide rental service on various aspects, we deliver all the necessary requirements that an organization require and needs to function effectively. We offer only the best of the best like branded desktop, laptop, servers, storages, printers and switches. All the services and maintenance are included in our rental package.

Server Colocation and Relocation Services

Server colocation and relocation from one site to another is a complex process. The critical nature of the business requires us to be certain that all the technical and logistical aspects have been fully considered to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. We ensure that your server colocation or relocation gains the safety and security it requires as we provide the most reliable service.

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